Sophie Houser

I love new surprising situations, whether I find them through the projects I make, technologies I explore or places I go. When I’m pushed out of my comfort zone safely, I’m able to try new ways of being, express novel ideas and have an openness to learn from others. I’m especially interested in using playfulness and humor as tools to create these experiences for myself and, with my work, for others as well.

In 2014, when I was 17 and before mainstream media had started to spotlight the menstrual taboo, I co-created a simple video game that featured a girl throwing tampons at oncoming enemies with a preamble about the stigma around menstruation. The game went viral, starting thought and conversation globally around the topic. The experience helped me understand the power of play and humor to get people thinking and talking about something uncomfortable, and also the huge impact I could have through creativity and technology, no matter how big or small the project.

After getting my B.A. at Brown University, where I studied Computer Science and Visual Arts, I moved to Berlin where I’ve worked for the past year and a half as a software engineer at Delivery Hero. I’ve learned there how to build backend services at a massive scale. I’m now looking to use these skills in a more creative way to get back to my roots in animation, painting, creative coding and more.

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