Merging digital & physical mediums

Consuming memes can make me feel less alone in the world in a way few other mediums can. With a photo, some simple words or a short video, they can translate a much deeper, larger feeling or experience. By the time a meme has gone viral enough to make it to my screen, I know that thousands of people around the world must relate to it as much as I do. These very small pieces of information express a mood, share a feeling or tell a story and inspire me to do the same with similarly small, digital and repetitive pieces. I use physical drawings, paintings and collages brought to life with digital animation. I’m especially interested in creating GIFs and short continuous loops.

  • iMOVIE

Large Scale Visuals

Night time visuals for the main stage and square of The Palace Residency

In 2019, I spent 10 days at The Palace Residency, a selective residency program at an old castle in Poland run by a Berlin collective. In this video my animations are projected onto the facade and into the interior of the castle while live performances and gatherings happened in front. This happened over the course of the 10 days. Videos were taken from a window across from this wall.


A Modern Lady

From her genesis to her inner mind, who IS she?

She’s a modern lady: born into the burning heap of late capitalism, the internet age, and the resurgence of Y2K aesthetics. This is a look at her birth, the inside of her mind and her late night, moon lit searches. May Google’s ranking algorithm, or otherwise Ottolenghi's Simple Cookbook, save her.