Backend Engineer,  Project Manager
Golang, AWS (RedShift, API Gateway, S3, Lambda), OpenStreetMap, Cloudinary, Serverless
Date 2021-2023

As part of a small team within FIELD, I scaled and built a bespoke installation system for Nike’s retail experiences globally. The systems are adaptable, working in a number of locations, architectural styles and display formats. Their content is data-driven, location specific and updates based on new campaigns or current events. A digital hub enables employees to manage and create real time content for them.

As one of two backend engineers in a flat hierarchy, I had ownership over our code base. I lead projects from R+D to system architecture to rollout. As a small team working on experimental technology, I was also a part of design conversations, deciding how features should work and feel.

When I started, the project was a prototype in a Seoul store. By the time I left, we had scaled a robust system running globally, complete with monitoring, alerting, unit testing, clean design patterns and downtime failsafes. It is continuing to grow in locations around the world and is a backbone of Nike’s future retail experiences.